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22 May 2015

A Recent Call, and a Recent Seminar

As evidence of growing international interest in Human-Data Interaction, it was pleasing to see DARPA pick up on Human-Data Interaction in their recent Brandeis BAA (now closed) – even to the extent of explicitly referring to this website! With a reasonable size pot of money put on the table ($60M), here’s hoping some really interesting and high-impact work gets funded.

I was also happy to give a seminar recently to CRASSH, the Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities. A good turnout (about 35 people), a really interesting mix (from linguists to medics to economists to computer scientists, and they were only the ones who were admitting it!), and a fascinating discussion. Plenty to think about afterwards about power relationships, the social nature of data, and some practical areas where we might start some implementation work. Slides I used are available here.

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