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Human-Centered Big Data

14 December 2013

Call for Participation

Workshop on Human-Centered Big Data Research April 1–3 2014 North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC

Does the size of data change the way we think about data? Are the tools we provide people to understand Big Data empowering, sufficient, or even limiting their abilities? While there is much active research in the technical aspects of Big Data, there is very little research that examines the impact of Big Data on people.

The Laboratory for Analytic Sciences is hosting a workshop to discuss the future of Big Data from the human perspective. The purpose of this workshop is to gather experts in multi-disciplinary fields to discuss a potential framework that could be used for human-centered Big Data research. This includes Big Data topics such as:

  • Data creation and consumption
  • Disruptive technology and effects on society
  • Human factors/Cognitive engineering
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Information systems and management
  • Information overload
  • Interactive analytic systems
  • Mental models and cognitive frameworks
  • Sensemaking and analysis processes
  • Storytelling using data
  • User interfaces for Big Data

Participation in this workshop is by invitation. Researchers interested in participation may submit a 2-4 page position paper related to the topics of interest. Accepted submissions will receive a travel and lodging stipend for the author and a co-author to attend the workshop. Authors will be asked to present their position paper and participate in one of several breakout sessions.


  • Abstracts (2-4 pages): February 14 2014
  • Notification of Acceptance: February 28 2014
  • Author Confirmation: March 14 2014
  • Workshop: April 1-3 2014

Questions and abstracts may be submitted to

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